Safety at Toler Elementary

Safety Concerns at Toler
Posted on 11/05/2021

Toler Safety Issues

Dear Parents, We need your help with a very concerning issue- traffic safety around our school! Traffic coming from Morena Blvd, and the side streets on Baker St and Ticonderoga St is exceeding speed limits and ignoring the fact that there are children in the vicinity. Cars are speeding through the school zones and disregarding traffic rules and regulations- at the risk of injury to our students. Sadly, this is happening not only with residents in the area but some of our parents. Please join me in committing to keeping our students safe at all times!

The following rules and regulations apply during drop off and pick up times (and all day long) on both Baker and Ticonderoga streets:

NO Stopping or Parking, in Red Zones, ADA Zones or Bus Zones- ever.

PLEASE observe, the 3 minute, Loading and Unloading White Zone area on Ticonderoga and Baker.

You may not leave your vehicle! You may only drop off/ unload in that area.

Please pull up, drop off and leave, promptly. Just like at the airport arrival and departing areas.

If you need more time to drop off your student or you plan to walk him/her to the gate – you must park on the surrounding neighborhood streets and leave your car.

For the safety of all Toler children, use the designated CROSSWALKS and STOP SIGNS. We have very steep and dangerous hills, on both sides of our school.

No Pedestrian crossing or jaywalking, on Baker St. or Ticonderoga St.

You may only cross to either side of Baker and Ticonderoga by way of the crosswalk! To be honest, we have some parents breaking this rule daily!

The Toler Parking lot is closed daily from 8:30-9:05am and 3:30-350 pm; 12:30 -1:00 pm on Minimum Days, to ALL traffic, except vehicles with a valid Handicap placard or license.

Thank You for agreeing to help maintain a safe environment for all of our Toler students.

Sincerely, Peggy Lewis, Principal

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